Thursday, August 28, 2008

thanks, mom.

i have my mother to thank for my goofiest piece of clothing. actually, it wasn't so much goofy as just hideous and utterly embarrassing. and the worst part of it all is that she made me wear it for my school pictures.

i was in the 1st grade when it happened, but i feel like it was yesterday. the big day had arrived - picture day!! the day when 'dan, dan the photo man' arrived in our grade school cafeteria to take school pictures. i will always remember school picture day and i will always remember 'dan, dan the photo man.' for all of you 80s kids out there, he looked a bit like scott bloom, except a little chubbier and older. he was boisterous. he had crystal blue eyes. and he had plastic, black, combs in a box on a desk next to the 'check-in.' we'd all take a comb and primp a bit before mugging for the camera. even at the young age of 6, we knew dan was a cute boy. heck, he looked like scott bloom, for crying out loud.

so when picture day in the first grade rolled around, i picked out an AWESOME outfit. i was going to wear blue jeans and a cute t-shirt with an iron-on of a unicorn on it and my kangaroo shoes. i don't remember when the battle with my mom began, but when it did, it was in full swing. she didn't want me to wear my t-shirt. she wanted me to wear a light purple skirt and blouse set. i don't remember much about the skirt, but i'll never forget that shirt. it was short sleeved, but was a mock turtleneck with tiny white flowers printed all over it. the kicker, however, was the white, frilly lace that went around the collar and down the middle of the shirt. yes, it was that bad.

we compromised in the end - well, sort of. i HAD to wear the purple, "little house on the prairie" shirt, and my mother "generously" allowed me to wear jeans and my roos.

i looked like a fool.
i felt like a fool.
especially when i had to say "cheeseburgers!" for dan, dan the photo man, the scott bloom of my first grade dreams.


G Love said...

PLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE scan the pic and email it to us. Please. Oh please, please, a thousand times please.

super jane said...

there should be a picture of it at my parents house. i could try and scan it from my old grade school year book, but i'm not sure about the quality.

mom and dad,
if you know where a copy of this pic is, can you please send it to me? i would love to relive that torturous day with my fellow ww.
always loving,

super jane said...

my mom called to tell me that she hunted everywhere for the picture and couldn't locate it. she knew *exactly* what picture i was describing and her answer was this, "apparently, neither one of us liked that picture very well."

i told her that she would've loved the picture if i had worn what i wanted to.