Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Wonder What Moment I Would Choose

Like g love, I too have an embarrassment of riches in the wonderful moments treasure chest of life. I am grateful that I have had such a happy life and have so many moments to choose from. In looking through my mind’s eye at the many choices I passed over for this entry, I see the night I graduated from college, the first night I spent in my very own apartment, and getting my kitten as a gift. I remember the night I met my husband and knew immediately our lives would forever be intertwined, I remember the night we got engaged, and I remember the first few moments we were married and on our own. Our romantic night in Paris during which we visited the Eiffel Tower and were citizens of a different part of the world is emblazoned in my mind. The third day of our honeymoon is also a fond memory. We sat on rafts in the pool, drinking tropical drinks and had not a care in the world. It was a glorious worry-free way to start a marriage. A trip to Vegas with two of our favorite people in the world catches my attention as I see the four of us around a table, laughing uncontrollably.

If I had to pick, though, I would have to choose a moment in which I am surrounded by everyone I love all at once. It is only a coincidence that it is my wedding day. My wedding day meant so much to me because I had moved away from Indiana only a few months before. I was navigating this new world on my own with only my soon-to-be husband’s assistance. We were building a new life together and while it was fun, it was monumentally exhausting. So, to come home to my entire family and all of my friends in one place was utterly glorious. I did not care about being “the bride” or about getting a lot of attention on this day. I only cared about marrying my Superman and about being with everyone I loved. It was a wonderful day in that I got to spend it with my closest friends, I got to repeat vows to my beloved, and I got to dance my biscuit off with everyone.

There are some days that are a little lower than others and whenever I need a little boost, I often think of my wedding day. It was a treasure in that I could squeeze my new husband’s hand, I could hug my best friend, and I could laugh at my dad’s jokes in person. I could kiss one grandmother and then the other only to then be surprised by a far-away friend who had made the trip for the event. It was wonderful to feel so loved and to feel as if life was full of possibility, adventure and excitement. Nothing was set in stone, there were no worries in the world, and there was good wine. We danced, laughed, loved and endlessly grateful. When we breathlessly left our reception, all I could remember was…joy.


G Love said...

That was the last time all the Wonder Women were together. Sigh. It was a lovely day.

Wicked M said...

We must remedy the fact that it has been nearly two years since we were all in the same place...WW trip anyone??