Thursday, August 14, 2008


to be honest, i haven't had the chance to read g love's or wicked's response to this question. i have been out of commission all week (and actually, last week too) with dental issues that resulted in the loss of molar #31 on tuesday afternoon. but, i digress. and i apologize if what i've written sounds like the opinions of the other ww.

in my opinion, we all make mistakes. we've all been immoral at some point in our lives. we're all fallible - even the pope. our judgment gets foggy and we do something stupid. we've all had occasions when we've stuck our foots in our big mouths (see previous 'wonder') or done something at a gathering that was beyond embarrassing. we're lucky to be average folk who don't have such experiences blow up for the world to see. unfortunately, such mistakes are made much larger when it stems from the actions or words of a politician. politicians are held in the highest regard and are expected to be perfect. so when an error in judgment is made, we all know about it and can even witness it for ourselves on youtube.

i think what upsets most people that is that these folks are elected officials. it's almost as though we feel duped into believing that they are holier than thou. we hear their speeches about a utopian society and want to believe with every fiber of our beings that they are the folks that will bring us to that. but then, their humanness peeks through and our image of them is shattered. our belief and desire to have these perfect humans as our leaders gets tainted by the fact that they are simply that - human.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that i don't believe all politicians are immoral. i believe society sets them on the pedestal, expecting them to uphold the values and morals than no one can attain. so when politicians reveal that they are just like the rest of us, we don't simply blush or partake in office gossip about it. the act is splashed across every newspaper. it infiltrates the news. and we are reminded yet again that as much as we'd like to believe our chosen leader is perfect, a the end of the day, he or she is just like the rest of us.


G Love said...

I think that's true . . . to a point. Personal indiscretions are part of everyone's life, and individual families have to decide what they do about them. But an elected official should not accept bribes . . . should not take advantage of young congressional pages . . . should not hire their buddies for big $$ projects . . . and all the other stuff that goes without saying. I think that we can and should expect such behavior out of them, because they have our individual liberties in their hands. If you want to choose a life of public service, you should have the backbone to do the right thing, even if it means sacrificing your career (I'm looking at YOU, Obama-bashing Hillary, and you too, Edwards.) ANd if not, I think you should be slaughtered in the media and lose your appointment.

As for the sex stuff - it disheartens me, but it is what it is. Just like rock stars, politicians have their groupies.

super jane said...

"If you want to choose a life of public service, you should have the backbone to do the right thing..."

AMEN, SISTA. very well put. everyone should have a backbone to do the right thing - regardless of occupation.