Friday, August 8, 2008

7th grade.

i say stupid things ALL the time, so i thought i'd blog about my most recent foot-in-mouth episode.

one of my coworkers (who is a very good friend of mine) is a lesbian. i love her and her partner dearly. both are fantastic people whom i admire. i have absolutely no problems with their relationship and have high respect for each of them. so why i said what i said after a staff meeting one day, i'll never know.

so said coworker, another gal, and i were leaving a staff meeting. i noticed a magnet on the side of a filing cabinet that was produced by one of the departments on campus. i picked it up, looked it over, and let out a big laugh. it was the stupidest magnet i'd ever seen with cooking measurements on it and stuff. it really was very, very dumb. but instead of saying, "oh my gosh, this magnet is so dumb!" i say, "oh my gosh, this magnet is so gay!"

the second it slipped from my mouth, i apologized profusely. i was shocked at myself! i never say that phrase! i probably hadn't said that since i was in junior high, you know? i was totally embarrassed.

thankfully, she's a rock star and instead of getting mad, she jokingly says, "super jane! i feel so discriminated against! i'm going to file a complaint with HR right now!"

i could have (and probably should have) died.

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