Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why Did I Buy Those Cookies?

I received a dreaded e-mail last week from a friend of mine. Her niece is a Girl Scout and it is cookie selling time! Would I like to buy any? I would be lying if I told you that it took me more than five seconds to respond. Of course I want Girl Scout Cookies!

As far as I am concerned, Girl Scout Cookie Time is like Christmas Part II. When those little boxes of Heaven arrive, I am joyful. I tear into those boxes as if they contain diamonds or winning lottery tickets. The minute the cookie goodness hits my lips, I am a happy, happy girl.

I think it must also be that Girl Scout Cookies remind me of being a kid. My Aunt M would freeze Thin Mints and she rationed them so that they lasted all year long. My mother believed that the cookies should be enjoyed anytime, so our boxes never lasted very long. Having a father that works with elementary school kids was an added bonus during cookie time because we would inevitably receive some boxes as gifts. Score! Tagalongs and Thin Mints were the cookies of choice in our household and sharing a few after dinner were a family tradition.

So, why did I buy those cookies last week? That is easy. They taste good. I wanted them. They make me blissfully, nostalgically happy. And? They taste good.

*I am not even telling you how many boxes I ordered. I love these cookies, but I am not even going to open myself up for the public embarrassment that would follow if I told you the number. I will tell you this. It was more than five!


super jane said...

my nieces are in girl scouts, so my parents load up on the cookies! this year, i kid you not, they bought like 20 boxes. the bonus is that my parents don't normally eat them, so they pass them along to us! woo hoo! free girl scout cookies taste even better! :)

glove said...

my mom is the same as super jane's mom, apparently. Maybe this is a mom thing. Anyway, she always buys tons because she remembers being the Mom of 4 little Girl Scouts, and how much selling the damn things sucked for us. She's a sucker for a cute little Girl Scout face. Then she ends up with a million boxes - and suddenly her own 4 little Girl Scouts get those care packages in the mail that we love so much! Thin Mint me, baby, especially now that I'm pregnant!! One for Jackjack, one for Mama G, one for Jackjack, one for Mama G . . .

3 Parrots Island said...

I'm on the bargain train - I can't enter a store and pay full price for clothes...my shopping high comes from the sale price. I love going home with a bag of nonsense from TJ Maxx and then re-admiring them complete with that bright red this-is-all-I-paid? price sticker. Oh baby. Yes.

On another note - I love the Girl Scout cookies that have the peanut butter hiding under the chocolate, but I forget what they're called. I've yet to find a girl scout on this island, so short of finding a cookie-mule I suppose I could buy some online?

MSO Rin said...

3PI, you are referencing the sacred Tagalong.

Oh my goodness. I have just realized what I will do with my winnings from this weekend. Buy Samoas, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs, then eat myself into a sugar coma. Mmmmm.

Girl Scout Cookies are some of the things for which I'll make an "on-sale-only" exception.