Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I wonder what my obituary will say?

**No, this is NOT a morbid wonder! It is fantastical.**

MSO Rin, 106, died of laugher at her home on Saturday, surrounded by friends, her beloved sports-star/doctor nephew Kaveman, her younger sister Kat and older brother-in-law Owl (of
Airstream-American-artist-historian fame), and her beagle puppy, Hamish.

MSO Rin lived a full and joyful life, spending much of it in her favorite places: Tennessee, Montana, New York City, Great Britain, and
Chili’s. After growing up and studying English, theatre, and flirting in various Midwestern/Midsouthern states (the battle to claim her as a native daughter rages on between North Dakota, Tennessee, and Indiana), MSO Rin met The Boy, the love of her life, at age 23 and was married to him for 77 years. Together they worked, traveled, camped, and saw lots and lots of plays. It was The Boy, MSO Rin, and two of their closest friends (Wicked M & Superman) who took Las Vegas by storm in early 2008, winning a record single-weekend payday which still stands. Many of MSO Rin’s other legendary adventures can be found in her biography by the multihyphenate artist G Love—another sorority sister who shared MSO Rin’s rare air. Her accomplishments are too many to list here, as are her acolytes. Just buy the book. It’s written like delicate poetry but yields emotions as powerful as a Rocky Mountain snowstorm.

After a long and storied life with The Boy, and an appropriate period of mourning after his death in a freak snowboarding accident at the Senior Winter Olympics in 2078, MSO Rin found comfort in the smile and songs of one of her idols, indie-rock musician
Ben Folds. It was very Katie Holmes of her, actually, as she had crushed on Ben since she was in college. The pair was married by MSO Rin’s personal spiritual uplifter, super jane, who today is still an ordained minister, college president, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and lover of a good late-‘90s hip-hop tune.

This phase of MSO Rin’s life saw the realization of one of her lifelong dreams: to become famous without having to actually do any work. To relive the funniest and most poignant periods of MSO Rin’s twighlight years, visit
Wicked M’s permanent photography collection at the Annie Leibovitz Gallery (formerly the historic office building housing Rolling Stone offices) in NYC.

The most lasting legacy MSO Rin gave was not her life as a muse, as one might think (Ben’s last song, “My Reason, My Rin,” remains his most popular). It was, in fact, her weekly postings as one of the world-famous
Wonder Women—MSO Rin, along with the above-mentioned phenomenal women, created a blog in 2007 that was hailed as groundbreaking. The Wonder Women provided both a connection point for the four Pis and a definitive collection of their soulful and sophisticated wisdom. It is a touchstone creation that serves to guide their generation to this day. You can buy “I ♥ WW” stamps online, where a portion of all proceeds will go to scholarships through their sorority. Go ahead and get enough for all your Christmas cards now!

With MSO Rin’s death, the process for granting The Wonder Women sainthood can begin. It will be the first time a saint is represented by four people at once.


Wicked M said...

Brilliance. This entry is just another example of why I love MSO Rin. LOVE!

super jane said...

"This phase of MSO Rin’s life saw the realization of one of her lifelong dreams: to become famous without having to actually do any work."

LOVE IT! very creative...very mso rin.

glove said...

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing to respond to the obituary you published about MSO Rin in Sunday’s New York Times. My girlfriends and I have started a new shared site on the cortex that was inspired by MSO Rin and her fellow Wonder Women. We have all their stamps, the Wonder Woman Guide to Life book series, the holos of the T.V. show they inspired, and as soon as the movie comes out in 3D we’re going to transport over to one of our houses and watch it all together (probably Cyndia’s because she’s got HD holo).

I just wanted to say that I never met any of the Wonder Women, but I’m a huge fan, mostly because they helped us all remember how important it is for women to think, and stay connected, and wonder obviously. I hope me and my girlfriends can keep it up as long as they did!

M. Smith

P.S. My Reason, My Rin is like, my favorite song of ALL TIME

kaycee said...

If I had been drinking milk right now, it would have come out of my nose and sprayed all over the cat and the computer screen.

kaycee said...

I think that has happened before reading The Wonder Women. Hmmmphp.