Thursday, January 31, 2008

i must confess.

this is a tough topic for me. so much so, that i actually called super jas to see if he had any ideas on what i excessively purchase. i said, "mso buys shoes that are on sale a lot, and wicked m buys tons of cookies. g love buys vegetables like they're going out of style. what do i buy a lot of?" (long pause...) "um. nothing really, i guess. most everything we spend is on groceries and stuff for the girls." i thought for a second and realized that he was absolutely right. unfortunately, we have no discretionary income. none. nada. zip.

occasionally, i'll buy a few fun items that we may not need if they are on sale, of course. as i mentioned in my comment on mso rin's entry, i purchased tons of shorts for little mama that were on sale after christmas. kohl's was practically giving away the shorts and i just couldn't help myself. i purchased a new pair of shoes for myself a few months ago. i splurged and bought aj dora sheets because i knew she would love me forever...and because they were on sale. i do love a good sale, but i wonder why i always fess up to paying less than full price for an item?

for example, the new shoes i bought. they were most definitely on sale as i think i only paid like $6 for them. i wore them the following day and a coworker complimented me on them. rather than simply accepting the compliment and moving on i announced, "thanks! guess how much i paid for them. $6! can you believe that? $6!" i'm not sure why i feel compelled to tell someone about my bargain. i should keep my mouth shut and let them think i'm a millionaire and that i paid far more than what i actually did. but, i can't. and i don't.

i guess i'm proud of my find and want others to know what an awesome bargain shopper i can be - even if the item came from my local goodwill *blush*.


MSO Rin said...

Dude! Don't worry ... you are NOT alone. Every one of my bargains (which basically means every item of clothing I ever wear), other people know about. You made me smile with your dead-on example of how most of my conversations during the day go.

glove said...

There is no shame in Goodwill! No blushing allowed. Go to the Goodwill stores in the nicest neighborhoods, and you'll find stuff that's just like new.

I had to do vegetables because the only place I go shopping is the grocery store. At the moment. While the husband is a grad student. Eventually he will be employed and I will be succumbing to sales left and right, and trumpeting my good shopping sense far and wide, like my sistas.

T Pea said...

I may have to steal this topic for a future QOD -- what a great question!

glove is right, there's no shame in Goodwill! You are just so excited that you want to tell everyone about your good find! That, and you want to make sure people know that you are not totally blowing your life savings on new shoes that you didn't really need. I'm with ya, sista. I do the same thing.

I splurge on coffee and hot chocolate.... I've cut WAYYY back, but there are some days that I just can't resist. The South Bend Chocolate Company makes the world's best (the best, Jerry, the best!) hot chocolate and some days, I just can't make it through without a cup.

Wicked M said...

There is no shame in finding a good bargain and telling others about it! I love to tell people how little things cost and when I found something on sale. I love to exclaim, "I know they are adorable. FIVE DOLLARS, people!"