Thursday, January 17, 2008

i wonder if they call me that.

it is truly amazing how society works. we like to classify, don't we? we like to brand something (or someone) with a name so that we know where they fit into the scheme of things. in college, we threw labels on ourselves based mostly on what campus organization or sorority we were involved in. as we get older though the way we classify changes a bit. no longer are we classified as a result of our inner circle, but by who we are as individuals: where we work, what our occupation is, where we live, etc. the classifications are endless.

i'm pretty sure how people describe me and i think most descriptions are fairly accurate. i've been with the same boy for 11 years (married for 7 of those 11). i have 2 girls and a decent, respectable job. i have a mortgage and a car payment and very recently turned 30 (as in, i turned 30 yesterday. is that recent enough?). consequently, society labels me as a 'working mom' which is right on the money. those involved in my professional life have one set of labels for me while my friends from college have another. combine them all together and you have me.
i could say to hell with labels and what people think of me, but i would be lying. we all worry about what others think and some of us (i'll raise my hand here) have the need to be liked and labeled nicely by all people at all times. when i start to worry how society sees me though, i remember what my grandpa used to say: those i care about know how i am. and i don't give a damn what everyone else thinks.

those are definitely wise words and ones i hope i am able to take to heart.


3 Parrots Island said...

I'm glad the wondering is back. I want to play!

I have no idea what my label is. The Man and I - married almost one year - split our time between two places. We're childless (and staying that way) and have a lot of playtime as a result. We're live music people. We're loud and sarcastic - and hold our friends dear.

Huh. I just realized I immediately included the Man in MY label. Which means I label myself as one half of NJaney and the Man. That's cool with me.

Thanks for letting me play!

MSO Rin said...

Not only are you a working mom, but one of the most adept at balancing the two in a way that lets you still be the super jane we know and love from HC but also the super-super jane you are now!