Friday, February 1, 2013

What Friday Means To Me Now

Fridays used to mean that the work week had ended and dinners out with Superman.  Friday meant the beginning of a fun weekend of soaking up the sun, visiting wineries, and sleeping in.  Those were the old days.

Now that Superboy is here, my life is completely different.  My life revolves around another person's schedule and demands.  He is, by far, the most demanding boss I have ever had -- and I have had some doozies!  He wakes early in the mornings and has no concept of sleeping in just because it is Saturday.  He could care less that Mama just wants five more minutes to eat her sandwich at lunch or that a week's worth of laundry is piled up.  All he knows is that he wants another book to be read to him or that he wants some more blueberries or raisins.

Now Fridays mean getting up early.  I honestly only know what day Friday is because Superman comes home on Thursday nights and works from home the last day of the week.  Otherwise, all of my days run together.  Fridays now mean a dinner in followed by a bath for Superboy and then an early (hopefully!) bedtime for all of us.  No more staying up late to watch a movie and finish a bottle of wine.  I am lucky if I can stay awake past 9:30 these days.

It may sound like I am complaining.  I am really not.  Things are just...different.  I like this different.  I waited a long time for my biological clock to start ticking and I waited a long time for Superboy to join our lives.  So, I am trying to take in every moment that I can while I still have time.  Soon enough Superboy will no longer come to me every five minutes for a kiss and a hug and he will not want to sit in my lap to read books.

So, while Friday may feel like Tuesday, it is a more special day than it used to be.  Fridays mean the start of a weekend with Superman and Superboy.  It means the three of us get to go on adventures together.  It means I get to watch Superman and Superboy interact and there are few things that make me happier than watching those two laugh together.  I could not ask for two better people to spend my time with and to get hugs and kisses from.

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G Love said...

I feel this. I think the best path to happiness at this time with kids (i.e. when you are the baby's indentured servant, have no energy after serving him all day, it's hard to go be social) is just what you say - to remember it's only a short period of your life, and soon the baby will be a big boy with no time for you. That helps me not feel despair after not having read a book or peed without company in four years.