Thursday, February 7, 2013

That Extra Hour

I have to admit that the idea of being able to stop time thrills me more than the ability to add an hour to my days.  Would it not be amazing to be able to stop time when something really great is happening just to take it all in?  Or when things are going very, very badly you could just freeze time and take a moment to breathe?  The reality is that with an extra hour each day I would probably sleep.  Oh, how I could use an extra hour of sleep every day!  No one would even know because they would all be frozen!  However, in the interest of being thoughtful about my time, I have plotted out how I would use that extra hour every day.

Every Monday I would undoubtedly use the extra hour to sleep.  Without question.  Without hesitation.  Every Monday finds Superman leaving in the wee hours of the morning for the airport.  I always sleep terribly on Sunday nights due to this and Superboy seems to sense that his daddy is leaving.  He is always up early (like 4 am early!) and I am a walking zombie those days.  So, an extra hour of sleep might just give me the little extra zip that I need for Mondays.

Each Tuesday would mean an extra hour for errands.  How nice would it be to not be rushing around worrying about nap times and snacks?  Since the world is frozen, Superboy would never be the wiser and I could just zip in and out of the grocery and Target.  Ah, heaven!  I could browse the aisles.  I could dig through my coupons for every one I could use!  I could breeze through the line and be outside to enjoy a little fresh air.  I also choose for this extra hour to be sunshine filled and seventy degrees.

Wednesday's extra hour would be used for dinnertime prep.  Every mother is aware of the "witching hour" and Superboy's is from about 4:30 to 5:15 (less than an hour and not every day, thankfully!).  I always feel guilty during this hour because all he wants is to be held or to be read to.  This is why I usually eat cereal for dinner and dream of having Superman home to help distract the little man.  So, this extra hour would make all of our lives much easier and less stressful.

Thursday I would use the extra hour for time with Superboy.  I always feel like I am trying to get a thousand things accomplished in ten minutes' time.  I have the Mama Guilt when I try to vacuum and he follows me around -- even though he loves the vacuum and thinks this is a hilarious task!  I always feel like I should be hugging him, reading to him, doing anything with him.  Things have to get done and I know this.  So, I would use this extra hour to freeze everyone but Superboy and me and we would snuggle and read the entire time.  This little boy loves to be read to and to snuggle!  This was exactly what I dreamed motherhood would be like and I would love an extra hour to soak it in.  His warm head rests on my chest and his sweet hands graze my arms and hands.  He loves to point out shapes, colors and characters he recognizes.  His little voice whispers, "Heart.  Purple.  Bubble."  He gives me kisses and brings me more books.  The most heavenly hour of the week.

Friday would bring an extra hour for me to craft, read or exercise.  I know this sounds lame but I always feel like I should be doing anything but something for myself.  I should be cleaning toilets or dusting or preparing a wholesome meal that Superboy and I can enjoy at dinnertime.  I exercise six days a week already but an extra hour of sweating without guilt would be amazing.  A chance to read or craft would also be a dream.  To just sit quietly doing something I love would be such a gift these days.

Saturday and Sunday would mean an extra hour with Superman and Superboy.  Saturday's extra hour would be used to play at the playground or to chase each other around the yard.  We could laugh and squeal and gallivant.  We could go swimming!  I could sunbathe.  Sunday would mean an extra hour of time with Superman.  I hate when he leaves every Monday and this extra hour would delay the inevitable.  We could cuddle up on the couch under a cozy blanket and watch funny television, talk and laugh.

Ah, that extra hour is quite a dream!  We Wonder Women really should unite and figure out a way to combine our super powers to make this happen.  Wonder Women Activate!

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MSO Rin said...

Kudos to you for this thoughtful and highly vocabularized post. "Gallivant" is a word that is simply not used often enough, and to know that you'd be doing it on the weekend w/your extra hour made me giggle.