Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Do Love a Good Bargain

I have to admit that you will probably never find me in a Goodwill store.  I do not frequent the Salvation Army.  It has just never been my thing.  I do love a good bargain though!  I love finding a sale rack in my favorite store and I love to tell people just how good my bargain was!  It is almost a compulsion to shout, "I got it for only four dollars!" when someone compliments my new blouse (or yoga pants [shut up], but that is neither here nor there).

My biggest bargain find might come as a surprise to some.  It was my wedding dress.  I got it for less than $100!  This was one of those moments in life where everything just came together.  My mother, grandmother and I were out dress shopping and the salesperson directed us to the sale rack to look for specific size dresses.  I happened to find this hot little number that was simple, classy and sophisticated -- it was just my style.  As soon as I saw it, I stopped looking.  It helped that the price was ridiculously low.  So ridiculously low, in fact, that we asked if it was an error.

My mother and grandmother insisted I try other dresses on, but the moment I slipped it on...well, everyone stopped pushing other dresses on me.  Even the salesperson said something like, "Honey, that is your dress.  If you don't buy it, I will kill you!"  So, the dress was mine!

I actually spent far more on the alterations -- it had to be taken in!  (I exclaim over this because I cannot brag about this nowadays) -- than I did on the dress itself.  Every time I tried the dress on I just felt right about it.  One of my friends gave me a compliment on my wedding day that I will never forget.  She told me that my dress was exactly what she had envisioned I would wear.  That compliment meant more to me than the bargain I got the dress for.

The dress now hangs at my mother's house.  I will most likely never fit into it again.  But I can always remember the thrill of finding it and seeing that price tag for the first time!


super jane said...

You go, girl! Wedding dresses can be ri-dic-u-lous. So glad yours was a steal!

G Love said...

My wedding dress was not quite the "steal" yours was, but I did get a pretty good deal. HOwever, I was so focused on not being hoodwinked into buying an expensive dress, that when they handed me a veil to try on and I loved it, I didn't really pay attention to the price. I presumed it couldn't be more than a hundred dollars.

You guys . . . my VEIL cost more than my DRESS. AUGH. And I was too cowed to return it to the store once I discovered its ridiculous expense. SO DUMB. Never let 'em sneak in accessories while you're not paying attention!!