Monday, April 21, 2008

You Would Be Surprised To Know

I think that most people would be surprised to find out that I am absolutely petrified of scary movies, haunted houses and the dark. A slumber party in junior high sealed the deal on scary movies (Child's Play, anyone?) and haunted houses are a natural sibling to the scary movie fear. I also greatly dislike Halloween and any other opportunity for people to try and scare me. Hate that. My biggest fear of all, though, is the dark. The big, bad, scary dark.

I refuse to walk into dark rooms, I refuse to fall asleep in the dark by myself, and I will not walk outside unless there is a light illuminating my path. This probably sounds irrational to some of you, but my fear of the dark is very real to me. If I am home alone at night, you can bet that a light is on in every room. If I have to go to sleep when no one else is home, the television is on and I set the sleep timer for hours from when I will fall asleep.

I suppose my fear of the dark stems from several factors. The first factor is the night terrors I experienced as a child. The recurring dream I had for years was set underwater and on the bottom of the ocean. It was dimly lit and a huge octopus used to come out of a very dark garage-like area (I have no idea how my child mind thought this up and/or where it comes from -- all I know is that it scared the bejesus out of me). So, for me, the dark has always meant that something not nice might be lurking nearby.

Pitch-black darkness also means that I cannot see what is around me. I cannot see any potential dangers and I cannot see if someone is coming to get me. I do not like the unknown. At all.

I believe that I may need a therapist. Or a good night light. Whichever.

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3 Parrots Island said...

Hello Women :)

Here's some 'wonders':

- Although I love horror movies I am PETRIFIED to be home by myself. I imagine every horror movie cliche and end up in the bedroom with the door locked and my heart pounding everytime I hear a random noise. I. Am. A. Loser.

- 6th grade was the bottom-heap grade in middle school- I entered with mom-given-gifts of Aqua Net, eye shadow (blue, baby, always blue), and my first curling iron. I have flashes of FINALLY getting a Swatch watch, enjoying soccer, having a good time with my friends and basically enjoying life somewhere in the middle of the popular range. It was a way innocent time.

- 7th grade was more harsh, as those nasty notes and girl-bickering began, and one day I would have friends...the next? They were leaving nasty notes and I would go home devasted. Only to gang up on someone else the next week.God. What is wrong with girls.