Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things You Can't Tell Just by Looking at Her

+ My first role in a play was in a kindergarten production of Little Red Riding Hood. After the play, my teacher hosted a party for all of us—it was the end of the school year—and the picture on the cake was of LRRH … [ahem] of me. I decided to pitch my first diva fit then and there (at age six): they were CUTTING my yellow icing HAIR!!!!!

+ My makeup lasts me a really long time. No, I mean a reeeeeeeeally long time. I am still working on the eyeshadow colors that I bought at the Clinique counter in July. Of 2001. For my wedding. I used the same tube of mascara from February to December of 2007, and I wear mascara almost every day. I honestly can’t remember buying most of the lipsticks I own.

+ When I commuted from my internship to my home the year after I graduated from college, I’d have to be on the interstate fairly late at night, and I suffer from pretty severe car narcolepsy. It’s not as bad when I’m driving, but still bad enough that for most of the one-hour trip, I’d have to have the radio up pretty loudly and the window open a little bit. I like to sing along to the radio (I am often shushed by stageXing in stores and restaurants b/c I’m singing half under my breath and don’t even realize it) but always felt self-conscious about other drivers seeing me sing while tootling down the road, so I’d often hold my parents’ emergency-only cell phone to my ear and sing that way—so if someone looked at me, they’d think I was just having an animated conversation.

+ I was 30 years old before I had my first “pre-cavity decay.” I will tell you that I've never had a cavity, b/c my dentist didn't officially call it one, so there! HA! Take that, tooth decay! You shall never defeat me!

+ My palms get sweaty watching someone else climb a tall ladder (don’t even think about asking me to climb it) or just by thinking about other stair/step/catwalk-related heights. I’m not afraid of elevators inside buildings or roller coasters, but if there’s a way for me to actually see how far I or someone else (even a stranger) is off the ground, I go to pieces.

+ I am a total freak about my work pens. They are .07mm Pilot G2s, and I have one in red, one in blue, one in black, and one in purple. I order refills in bulk (not really, but I wish I could) and my coworker and I talk about these pens at least once a day. She is partial to green, maroon, and black. I refuse to loan my pens to students, faculty, or other staff. If I have temporarily lost my mind and left one of my pens out on my desk and someone needs it and just takes it, I will stop whatever I’m doing and give that idiot the hairy eyeball until I get my pen back. I’ve followed someone down the hall b/c she took my pen and I needed it back; whenever I can’t find one of my pens or my coworker can’t find one of hers, we always march into each other’s offices to ask, “Did you steal my pen?” We are only half joking.

+ I named my favorite teddy bear (I still have him, in my cedar chest) Driller, after my dad’s favorite power tool.

+ I started this post over twenty-four hours ago and have now totally lost my rhythm and so will end it.

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