Friday, April 18, 2008

I Wonder What I Will Do This Weekend...

Some mighty big stuff has been going down in my office this past few weeks and this week was the commencement of the proverbial stuff hitting the fan. It has been fun! Not so much. I have pretty much just been living each day to survive and to get to the weekend. Today is a gorgeous day outside with sunshine and temperatures that are forecasted to reach about 80. I should be outside right. this. second. However.

I am currently sitting at my desk attempting to look busy while waiting for a dreaded 3:00p meeting. That meeting is what every employee has been dreading all week and we all believe it will be bringing much bad news. Not good. So, what will I be doing with the weekend that I have been surviving every miserable day for?

Friday: Drinking copious amounts of alcohol. I found a recipe for a drink called a SweetTart and it sounds divine. I plan to consume at least a few of these little lovies before my husband gets home from work. Then, dinner at our favorite Mexican place because we both need that right now. In fact, we deserve it after the week we have had! I will probably fall into a blissful sleep soon after dinner due to my extreme fullness from chips and salsa and SweetTart/Margarita consumption. I cannot wait.

Saturday: It is supposed to be quite the gorgeous day here, so Superman and I plan to take a little bike ride. There is an extensive trail system near our house and we have never been on it. So, we will go for a fun ride and explore.

Sunday: Rock of Love Reunion show, people! Need I say more??

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