Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i wonder which trip was my favorite?

let me just start off by saying that it is virtually impossible to top g-love's entry. i wish i had that kind of memory. that kind of ability to take in the littlest details of each moment and capture them my mind's eye. oh, how i wish. unfortunately, i lack that ability; as such, this entry will not be nearly as fabulous as my fellow blogger and for that i apologize.

perhaps one of my favorite trips was taken one summer during college. my mom has a passion for missions work and i honestly believe she could apply for dual-citizenship from mexico as it feels like she is always heading there. during her 2nd trip, i believe, my dad and i accompanied her. there was a large group of us going - maybe 18 or so - and our goal was to fix up an old run-down campground in a small town called pitorreal. we were completely secluded and in a land all our own. we were surrounded by mountains and huts with dirt floors and the most compassionate people i've ever met.

it was an adventure getting there. we traveled by train during one leg of our trip. i will never forget standing on the platform of the final train car and gazing at the landscape. i could see for miles and miles and thought about how wonderful it would be to jump off the train. huts dotted the scenery and i thought how fabulous it must be to live in one of them. to be completely away from the stress and hustle and bustle that invades our lives in the states.

what i enjoyed most about this trip was spending every second with my parents. it was just the three of us and it was incredible being able to share that experience with them. we still talk about one particular incident that occurred on that trip. it happened when we were shopping in a town that neighbored pitorreal. my folks and i decided to split away from the group to enjoy a little alone time. the roads were dusty and we soon found ourselves in a more run-down area of town. an old mexican cowboy with a face that looked like a shriveled prune walked up to us. he looked my dad right in the eye and said something to him in spanish. we had no clue what the guy was saying, so my dad did what any of us would. he smiled, chuckled, and nodded his head. the old mexican cowboy smiled back at my dad, revealing the fact that he was missing most of his teeth. he turned to me, grabbed my shoulders with both of his hands, and kissed me right. on. the. lips.

i nearly died. i think i've blocked my actions, because i can't for the life of me remember how i reacted. i only remember the old mexican cowboy smiling at me and walking away. my parents erupted with laughter as i stood there. i was too stunned and grossed out to move. i wiped my mouth with the back of my arm and shuddered. and then i'm pretty sure i yelled at my dad for allowing that old mexican cowboy to kiss me *on the lips* and at both of my parents for the subsequent laughter. i found absolutely NOTHING humorous about what had just occurred.

i can look back now and laugh, but i was pretty weirded out at the time. but when i start to remember his mouth and his missing teeth and the fact that he probably had NEVER used a toothbrush (much less seen one), i get the heeby-jeebies.

alas, it was an incredible trip filled with incredible memories made with my folks. i am very thankful for being able to spend time with them in such a beautiful part of this world. it was most definitely the best trip i've ever taken.


Wicked M said...

Um, EW. I am totally skeeved out thinking about that creepy dude kissing you right on the lips! EW.

MSO Rin said...

That is one of those moments in life that I like to call a Total Movie Moment: a TMM.

Something that you just could not even think about making up and something that will be etched in your memory forever. Something that would, if seen on the big screen, would make the audience laugh/cry/cheer/gasp/boo. Something that, for good or bad, makes you a little bit more of who you are right now.

I am sorry that you had a TMM that involved someone in dire need of dentures.

glove said...

Ditto Rin.

*Don't be too hard on your parents. I would've laughed at you, too. Esp. imagining the face you must have made . . .