Wednesday, March 19, 2008

upcoming florida vacation = happiness!

the one thing in the world right now that makes me happier than anything else (except for maybe a pint of 'cherry garcia'), is that i am heading to orlando, florida on friday to visit super jas's grandparents. they have a winter home there and we're taking full advantage of it! i'm not especially looking forward to the drive down there. packed tightly into the van will be me, super jas, little mama, aj, and the in-laws. we'll be driving through the night though, so i'm hoping to sleep for most of the trip. but, let's not talk about the drive there because that really isn't so happy. let's talk about the things i'm planning to do while i'm there.

1) relax by the pool.
2) eat the lemons off of the ginormous lemon tree rooted in their front yard.
3) take a nap.
4) eat grandma's home cooked chicken noodles, home baked apple pie and chocolate chip cookes and... you get the picture.
5) take the girls to disney world and stalk the princesses for pictures and autographs.
6) ditch the girls with super jas and the in-laws and ride space mountain by myself.
7) soak up a few rays of sunshine.
8) shop out the outlet mall.
9) take a million pictures.
10) rediscover, revive, and refresh myself.

i can't wait to leave this deary, rainy indy weather and escape to the sunshine and palm trees of orlando. sunny florida, here i come!

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glove said...

That's it. I'm not happy anymore. I'm too busy being jealous of your vacation. Blah.