Monday, March 3, 2008

I Wonder What My First Time Was Like...

Hey, dirty minds! Welcome! This post is not about my "first time" (bown chicka chicka wow wow-ow-ow-ow), but rather about my first real kiss. So, slightly dirty but only in the innocently dirty way that a real first kiss can be.

I had a crush on a neighborhood boy who was a year older than me in school. He was cute, he was an athlete, and he was kind of a bad boy. -le sigh- He pretty much did not know that I existed, but I made it my goal to make him notice me. One of my closest friends lived two doors down from him and I made sure to always go to her house to hang out. Her parents were wealthy and she had all the cool stuff at her house anyway, so the boy I crushed on living a mere two doors away was just an added bonus. Yeah, right.

After a few months of making myself obnoxious to him, he finally came around. The three of us, my friend, my crush and moi started hanging out. We would play stupid games, we would sing along to "Love Bites" (Oh! Def Leppard!) on the radio, and eventually things got interesting.

This boy, David was his name, became my boyfriend. I mean, he became my boyfriend in the way that only an eighth-grade boy can be to a seventh-grade girl. We mostly traded notes, hung out in my friend's garage, and we held hands once. We even pecked on the lips once or twice. Woo! David had a friend who was a little more "experienced" and on one hot summer day, he suggested we play Truth or Dare. Of course he did.

I remember that the four of us were sitting on David's back patio and the summer sun was baking the concrete. I remember how I could see my own house from David's backyard. I still remember how my heart pounded with David's friend dared him to "kiss her for real". I am sure that my cheeks flushed from embarrassment, but I was also thrilled. I was going to get my first real kiss! David's friend suggested we go up to David's bedroom for five minutes to complete the dare. David took my hand and led me up the stairs to his bedroom. We sat down on his bed. He put his hands on both of my cheeks and went in for the kill.

And we made out like champs. The entire five minutes passed and David's friend had to actually come and knock on the door to get us to stop. He and my friend grinned as they opened the door and found us guilty as charged. We all went back downstairs to continue the game, but we never did start to play again. Instead, David held my hand as our friends sat across from us.

A bond had been forged between us, I suppose. I know it sounds cheesy, but it really was a wonderful moment in my life. To have someone be so gentle and sweet and then kind enough to want to hold on to me afterward. David and I were not together for much longer after the Truth or Dare took place, but he was never mean to me. We just drifted apart as two junior high kids are wont to do.

And whenever I hear "Love Bites", I think of David.


lesliek said...

oh hurray! I finally got logged in successfully to say 'hi' to my future new best friends! (sorry, really not a stalker, swear it) i love how you girls trip down memory lane, it jars my mind every time i check in to see whats exciting in here. my first kiss was 7th grade, i was in the drama club and we did some crazy play who's name I forgot, but I played 'Katie the cook with the cow in the kitchen'. The star of the play, his name was Tom, and all the girls liked him. It was our closing night, everyone was crying, as teenagers usually do, especially us drama clubbers. The curtain closed, and he just went down the line and kissed everyone. Not a biggie, but it did go down in my diary as it was the official 'first time'.

now if you ever get into those 'wow, chicka bow bow' moments, i have some doozies. looking back and thinking about those 19 year old days, i am strongly resisting the urge to go take a shower with lysol, but to be young again and have the knowledge you only gain with age.

have a good day, and you all are really really a fun bunch!

Leslie (from frozen Buffalo... which is 59 degrees and sunny)

super jane said...

hooray for leslie! thanks for leaving us a comment. you totally rock! i really, really hope we don't have any 'bow chicka bow wow' memories that get brought up on here. my folks read this thing!

wicked m - my first kiss was with a boy named david too, but unfortunately, it wasn't as sweet as yours. details will come soon enough.

glove said...

I ditto props on the comment! awesome! we love love.

my story is going to be a lot less sweet than yours, and a lot more - weird. I guess we'll get to it tomorrow!

MSO Rin said...

Welcome, lesliek! Another theatre babe ... I love it!

I hope that all (three of) our other regular readers post their first-kiss stories, too.

How much money do we want to put down RE: whose first-real-kiss happened the latest in life? Becha $20 it's gonna be me! :)

Wicked M said...

Hysterical..."i am strongly resisting the urge to go take a shower with lysol"

HA HA HA. I've certainly had some of those kisses too!