Wednesday, March 12, 2008

gather around. it's story time, folks.

before i begin this entry, i have one request.

mom and dad, i beg you to please stop reading NOW.

okay, now that my folks are gone, i can share. unfortunately, i had many a "fun" night in college. i can't recall my absolute drunkest night ever, so i'll share with you a few drunken super jane stories. no birthdays were necessary for me to party in college. it seems like every weekend was my birthday in college. have i mentioned before that i hope my girls turn out like their father? oh, help me if they turn out like me. okay, here goes nothing...

mom and dad....seriously...please stop reading!

*a group of us had been partying at the fiji house. we decided to go to the sig house because they were having a band that night. well, on the way there, i ripped one. a big one. so big in fact that fiji t (see post from waay back when) looked at me and said, "super jane? did you just fart?" "psh. no." i said in this 'come-on-who-do-you-think-i-am' kind of a voice. and he says to me, "yeah, whatever."

*my freshman year i was at the sig house when i started to get sick. so instead of trying to puke in the trashcan, i tried to puke in my beer bottle. didn't work so well.

*my roommate and i liked to dance on the bar in this room at sig which was nicknamed 'the trailer park.' the room was packed and we were having a ball dancing on the bar. well, i suddenly got a bit wobbly and began to fall. in an attempt to keep from totally falling off the bar, i tried to brace myself on the wall. in doing so, i ended up catching some of the stereo wires and ripping them out of the cd player. the music completely stopped. the room went silent. and then everybody started chanting, "party foul! party foul!" the guy whose room we were in was very, very mad at me and made me leave.

*i met one of my closest friends during a drunken night. we were at the lambda house and i had to go to the bathroom SOOOO bad. the girls' bathroom was all the way in the basement and i was all, "ohmygosh. i totally have to pee. NOW!" so rather than make my way to the basement, i decided i would just use the boys' bathroom in the hall. my roommate went in with me and i finished before her. so, what do i do? i stand on the toilet, look over the top, and talk to her. duh. meanwhile, this guy comes in the bathroom and says he has to go and would i please get out of the stall so he could use it? i tell him no because i'm talking to my roomie. but, i tell him, he can use my stall as long as he doesn't pee on my feet. he promises to have good aim and proceeds to urinate between my feet while i'm conversing with my roommate in the other stall. thus began a wonderful friendship with my buddy tarak. ps. we are still good friends to this day.

there are volumes of stories, folks. volumes. far too many to share! damn, i had fun in college.


MSO Rin said...

Is it weird that those are some of my best bonding-with-friends memories? In fraternity bathrooms? I can get behind your rationale about not sharing the toilet 100%!

I'm trying to think about memorable drunk-with-super jane stories I might have and I can't remember very many. That's a sign! :)

Wicked M said...

Hey, it is your own fault that you gave our web address to your parents! HA.

And Tarak! Loved him! Just another one of those "nice Lambda boys", you know?

"have i mentioned before that i hope my girls turn out like their father?" HA HA HA. I'm dying here.