Monday, April 30, 2007

I Wonder What My ________ Is Doing Right This Minute?

Cat – After an intense night of Yard Activity Surveillance (from her perch on the open windowsills) and Keeping Mom and Dad Up (a job she takes very seriously), the Schmitt is most certainly sleeping. Where? In my husband’s lap, or on his computer keyboard, whichever is least convenient for him.

Husband – Darlin’ is at home working on his summer temp job resume today. Ahhh, that dilemma that crops up each spring for the grad student – your stipend may stop paying out in April and not start up again til September, but that doesn’t mean we stop living our rock and roll lifestyle! Snort. I’d say Darlin’ is sitting in our big, comfy, doesn’t-match-anything hand-me-down green chair. He has the laptop on his lap, a glass of orange juice by his side (if you are what you eat, Darlin’ is a glass of OJ, low acid, no pulp), and the cat tangled up in everything. You never really have to wonder with Darlin', it's part of his charm.

‘Frass – I DO wonder what my sister is doing right this minute, because I haven’t been able to get a hold of her for two days. She’s supposed to be at work but isn’t answering her phone. Curious. . . Perhaps she is still sleeping, like we all wish we could be on a Monday morning.

Sister #2 – She’s getting ready to graduate college in 2 weeks. I wish I could wonder if she was partying, but she’s a bit on the straight-laced side so she’s probably studying or something boring. Sheesh. Studying in college.

Brother – He is a sophomore. I called him the other Wednesday at 1:00 pm – he was watching a movie with his girlfriend and getting ready to go to a BBQ. Since it’s only 10am, though, he’s probably sleeping, like we all wish we could be on a Monday morning.

Sister #3 – She’s a senior in high school. She’s in class. Photography, I think. Fun.

The Other Wonder Women – What are you doing, fellow Wonder Women? Working, probably like me. Hope your Monday morning has been low stress . . . haha, right, does that ever happen??

Peace and Love to ya - G


Anonymous said...

I am reading this blog--no, leaving a comment--no, about to close my Internet connection and get back to work.

Wicked M said...

I am working! WOO! Back to work after three weeks of days in the hospital with Superman. It's been brutal!