Thursday, April 19, 2007

good ole hc.

i was set on attending hc when i was in the 7th grade. my sister was a senior that year and had looked at several schools and, in true 'little sister' fashion, i tagged along. the whole family fell in love with the campus - both the scenery and the people. after my sister began attending hc in the fall of 1991, i began spending my spring breaks from high school on campus with her. i loved every second i was there. of course, i was super taken with the college boys (i've been known to be a bit of a flirt), but i enjoyed her classes as well. i attended many of them with her and loved the fact that - counting me - the classes had...oh...about 10 people in them. i began to know her professors better and was even asked to prom by one of her professors' sons! i declined the boy's invitation which made it very awkward a few years later when i had his dad as my sociology professor!

anyway, i was focused on hc from the time i was 13 and i never looked back. i am so thankful that my experience turned out to be all that i had dreamed it would be.

i met my husband there and we began dating my freshman year (his sophomore year). it wasn't an instant attraction on my part (i actually had a crush on his roommate), but after a couple of months of his badgering, i agreed to a date which was defined as watching a movie together and then going on a walk around campus. anyway, after our first "date," i was hooked on him and the rest, as they say, is history. we will celebrate our 7 year anniversary this july. there is no wondering about this part. had i not attended hc, i would not have my boy or my precious babies.

i guess there aren't really enough stories or mere words even to relay how special that school is to me. i remember wondering on my graduation day how i would ever survive without my sorority sisters and other friends i had made. i still wonder about that today. sure i have friends, but almost none of them are as near and dear to me as the ones i have from my college years. those friends saw me grow. they helped me grow. they saw me screw up. but they saw me through those mistakes. and no one understands that unless they were there or at least have experienced hc for themselves. we were in our own little world. our own little bubble. and it was no joke when we would say, "the whole world could blow up and we would have no idea it happened!" we were in our own little utopia and it was wonderful.

i had full intentions of not turning this entry into a sappy one. i'm sure that most of you readers are thinking, "okay, get on with it. we know you all had a great college experience. so what?" so, to break up the love fest a bit, here is a list of things that i would not have experienced had i not attended hc. i wonder how different i'd be without these so-called life experiences!

*streaking across the football field
*looking over the edge of the waterfall on campus
*having rich hardesty come back to my dorm after he played on campus for a few beers
*climbing to the top of the clock tower. **S.C.A.R.Y.**
*laying on the roof of a fraternity house to look at the stars
*playing wiffle ball at 2am
*making taco bell runs after the wiffle ball game
*working 2 campus jobs my senior year while trying to finish my independent study which put my stress level at about a 348 on a 100 point scale
*stealing beer from a fraternity and throwing it out of the window to my roommate below
*learning every word to every rap song known to man
*downloading songs from napster like it was my job and never fearing of a lawsuit
*making penis cookies at the sorority house during a recruitment get-together

the list goes on and on and on...i hope my daughters take a serious look at that little school when they are out shopping for colleges. it was an awesome fit for me and my husband and we would like nothing more than for our girls to have that same experience. of course, i certainly hope that after they graduate my daughters' lists of "life experiences" doesn't resemble mine a whole lot. hopefully, it will look a little bit more like their father's!

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