Friday, April 27, 2007

i wonder what people did before computers

we've all had days at work where there just wasn't enough on our plates to keep us busy. or a time when our boss was on vacation and we had a little "free time" on our hands. when i find myself facing days like these, i am very, very grateful for my computer, al gore, and the internet. through the magic of the internet, i am able to check up on old friends, send instant messages to them, check email, or even browse through my virtual cookbook, looking for new recipes to try. and even if i don't get on the internet, there are other things to do with just the basic computer - create spreadsheets to monitor my budget, work on next month's nursery schedule for church, or simply play a game of free cell. which brings me to my wonder for the day:

i wonder what people did before computers in the workplace to either a) make them look busy or b) keep them entertained while the head honcho was away?

for serious. i have wondered about this for a long while now. the thought really hadn't hit me until i joined the workforce and, being just 22 and fresh out of college, i had zero responsibility in the office. i spent hours on end surfing the web and emailing everyone i knew. it kept me from pulling my hair out and also kept my boss thinking that i had some projects to occupy my time (which now, looking back seems so silly. certainly she knew better!). i wondered then and i still wonder now. really? back before computers and the internet, did people type up letters to their friends on a typewriter? or play tic-tac-toe by themselves? or just talk on the phone? what did they do to keep them looking occupied if they were light on work for a few days? did they just walk around and talk with colleagues? sneak to read a book? head to the bathroom for a few minutes to just get-away?

i guess i just marvel at how life was in the workplace before computers were around. and i thank my lucky stars that i have my wonderful desktop companion to get me through the day.


G said...

she comments from her work computer . . . ditto.

Anonymous said...

Women filed their already-perfectly-manicured nails, and men chain-smoked cigarettes! Haven't you ever seen a movie? Sheesh! :)