Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My favorite things about spring, in a list:

1. Blossoms.
2. Tulips.
3. Green.
4. Opening the doors to air out the house.
5. Switching my winter and summer clothes out. It’s like a whole new wardrobe!
6. Longer days, shorter nights.
7. Easter.
8. Grilling.
9. Not craving hot thick creamy fattening food all of the time. Look out salads, here I come!
10. Sitting outside to have a drink with friends on a patio.
11. Grilled fish. This combines the three previous bullet points, but it bears repeating - nothing is better than a glass of white wine and a plate of grilled fish and asparagus on a spring afternoon.
12. Free golf lessons from my boss. Particular to this spring, but still. It means I get to play hooky from work on nice afternoons, along with all of the male managers who have been doing it all along! Finally! Inclusion!
13. Blue sky.
14. Azaleas.
15. Flowers.
16. Birdsong.
17. Naps with the windows open.
18. Packing up the family's winter coats - added bonus of additional closet space.
19. The birthdays of 5 of our siblings - my sister-in-law, my brother-in-law, my sister, my brother, my sister, all in rapid succession.
20. My baby's birthday, now thrown into that mix.

My least favorite things about spring, also in list form:

1. My baby’s birthday. Can a year seriously have passed already???
2. Not knowing what to wear in the morning. It goes from short skirts and loose fluttery blouses to Nanook of the North and back to fluttery again – and that’s just from morning til afternoon!
3. Lots of rain.
4. Um, that’s it.

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newduck said...

Holy crap, you crack me up like nobody's business. The comment you left on my blog about your baby being a giant repository for hairballs literally had me laughing out loud. I seriously thought I was going to roll on the floor. Rarely does a comment make me laugh so hard, and even more rarely does one come so close to EXACTLY what I was trying to say. So thanks.