Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it's no wonder.

it's no wonder that i loved every last second of my weekend. on friday, super jas and i treated the girls (and one of their friends) to pizza hut and a movie. we saw a movie we had seen before ('bolt'), but we enjoyed it so much the first time that we didn't mind seeing it again. it was just as cute the second time around and i would see it again and again...such a cute movie! i highly recommend it.

saturday was fairly lazy. all 4 of us piled into the car to go grocery shopping. such excitement, no?

after church on sunday, super jas and his dad headed to the annual boat, sport, and travel show at the fairgrounds. i used to attend the event with them, but after a few years, i had had enough. now, i totally and completely despise the boat, sport, and travel show. and it's such a chore hauling the girls through each of the buildings, trying to keep them happy and out of trouble. plus, how boring is it to look at fishing gear and boats all day? sooo not my idea of a good time. i decided to skip the event for the 3rd year in a row and take the girls to the children's museum. i didn't know if my mother-in-law had plans, so i called her up and invited her to tag along with us. she agreed and we had a wonderful, fun filled day together. we even ran into a couple of friends from my college days in line at the carousel. they are married now and have 2 kids and it was fun to catch up with them and their lives.

after the museum closed, we met super jas and his dad at steak-n-shake for dinner. we gorged ourselves on burgers and milkshakes and called it a day. the girls collapsed into bed and super jas and i snuggled on the couch. ah, pure bliss!

it was such a nice, relaxing weekend that i can't pick just one moment that i loved the best. i wish every weekend could be as fun!


G Love said...

Hmmmm. My weekend also included piles of delicious junk food and a trip to a museum. It's like we're telepathic twins or something.

But, more on that tomorrow. Don't want to blow all my big secrets in the comments!

Mitzi said...

i'm glad you has such a great weekend. i hear some of your family is coming up to see you this weekend.