Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Wonder What I Loved Most About My Weekend?

Well, it was not the migraine. Definitely not that. Maybe I loved the meds that put me to sleep so that I could be blissfully unaware of said migraine? Hmm. I did enjoy slipping away on a drug-induced haze and not feeling my head throb anymore. I also loved scrubbing my entire apartment down so that it now sparkles when I walk into a room. I may have heard angels singing when I cleaned our microwave out, people.

I loved sitting on our couch all day Saturday watching movies and bad DVR'ed television (Millionaire Matchmaker, anyone?). I loved that I got to sit next to Superman all weekend and that we got to spend some quality time together. I loved that Wondercat, who is still heavily medicated, sat quietly and caused not one problem while we rested and relaxed.

But what I loved best about my weekend? Was that it got longer by one day due to a surprise snowstorm! A unexpected three day weekend is always welcome! I took full advantage by snuggling under a warm blankie in my warm pajama pants and watched bad daytime television. I got laundry done that would have otherwise gone undone for another few days. I got to see my husband in the middle of the day on a Monday and that always feels luxurious. I love the feeling of playing hooky even when it is boss-approved and on the up and up. Ah, my three day weekend was just lovely!

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