Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wondering about the Not-Quite-So-New-Anymore Year

Yes, I still work here. Hi again after months of radio silence!

2009, you are an enigma to me. There you sit, all new and shiny, a mysterious, wrapped package that may turn out to be Pandora’s box or that may turn out to be the loveliest gift I’ve ever gotten. What will I find if I just slit some of the tape and take a quick peek?

Ooh, I see some change! Change of addresses for some of those very near and dear to me, change in the national mood as we embrace hope and the hard work we should all be prepared to do to get to those new places BHO wants to take us, and even change for my piggy bank! Oh wait. Never mind. That change is earmarked for credit-card companies and the US Dept. of Edu. But over there in the corner, do I see a haircut? Hmm. Maybe I’d better retape that corner.

I’m just going to give you a little shake, 2009, and then hold my ear up to you. Ah, lovely. I hear new music from U2 and lots and lots of laughter. I hear my cell phone ringing about a million times (and that’s just for January) and final boarding calls and at least one Wedding March and my nephew’s newest bon mot as repeated by his super-proud FarFar. I hear the clickety-clack of my keyboard as I renew my commitment to Wondering. (This last noise also sounds like my only New Year’s Resolution. Let me listen again. Yup. That’s what it is.)

Do you smell good? Mmm, 2009, you smell great—like M&Ms and new culinary adventures and the gym and organic lavender lotion.

Well, there you have it. I think, after having sized you up, that you’re going to be a pretty surprising surprise, 2009.

Here’s hopin’.

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