Monday, January 5, 2009

I Wonder What 2009 Will Bring?

Next week our next Wonder Woman will start her rotation, but I failed to notify her in time and so I am doing one last week, to kick off the new year.

First, a look back. 2008 brought many things to Chez G Love. A child - my first. My first birthday with a 3 in front of it. My second anniversary. An academic success, a bout of financial whining. A niece. 3 months without my husband, which was by turns a precious time and a lonely, difficult time. I went to childbirth classes, baby care classes, a horse race, three baby showers, the hospital. I had a month and a half off of work, and stitches aside I ate this time up, loved every minute. I saw Yellowstone National Park. I raised money for cancer. I went to 2 weddings, 1 camping trip, and countless band performances. I spent less of this year sleeping than I ever have in my life. I whined about not sleeping frequently.

What could 2009 bring me? Chances are that we will remain a family of 3, or 5 - no more children or animals will be gracing our door post this year, at least not planned (we all know how this can go, though.) Darlin and I could switch roles. By 2009's end I may be in law school, or I may be in theatre management, or I may be in graduate school, or I may be teaching, or in a very unlikely and not-hoped-for scenario, I could still be doing what I'm now doing. We may be moving to a new place. It could be somewhere we've never been before, or somewhere we know. Somewhere close, or far from here - close, or far from either or both of or parents. We may be living in our children's hometown by next year, or we may be living in the place where the next few will be born and move from before they are even aware of what is going on. Darlin may have a wonderful job or a job that is a stepping stone to a wonderful job, or if the economy continues to mess around, he may have a job that is totally unrelated to his career and education. We cross our fingers for one of the first two.

2009 is a swirl of unknown factors and worries and exhilaration and gut wrenching uncertainty. It will be fine. But it will also be interesting.

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