Wednesday, March 6, 2013


My parents decided to get cable during my middle school years.  Prior to that, I got my music video fix at the roller skating rink.  I remember skating round and round and round with my friends, trying to look super cool for boys while eating a rainbow snow cone from the concession stand.  The DJ would play songs through the speakers and every once in a while a music video would accompany the song.  The one that everybody stopped skating for? 

It was 1/2 movie, 1/2 music video.  It was edgy.  It was scary.  It was freaking Michael Jackson.  And, in that day and age, anything MJ did was incredible.  When Rin posed this question, Thriller was the first video that popped into my mind.

Faith was a very, very close second!  There really isn't much to the video...well, except for George Michael's incredible butt.  I just rewatched the video, trying to find reasons as to why I would remember this video with fondness.  Yeah, I got nuthin'...except for that butt (and I'm not typically a butt girl).

And finally, the last sound that really wowed us at Skateland was 'Fat' by Weird Al.  Everything that man did was hilarious to my 10 year old self.  It's so offensive now when I listen to the words and watch the video, but back in the 80s - when there was no such thing as being PC - it was all good. 

Ah, yes, Skateland on a Saturday afternoon is where I learned all about music videos.  Thanks for this wonder topic, Rin.  It's been a fun trip down Memory Lane!

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