Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Passing this week...

Hi there.  It's me, Super Jane.  Unfortunately, I need to pass on this week's wonder.  I'm so sorry, but my mind is mush. 

My littlest, Baby Angel, broke her elbow on Sunday night during a wrestling match with her sister in the living room.   She had emergency surgery at midnight that night and came out with 3 pins and a big, honking cast.  Life has been a blur since then, so I need a week to allow my life to return to normal.  Hopefully, I'll be thinking clearly by next week. 

Prayers and happy thoughts for my girl are appreciated!  Thanks! 


G Love said...

I had no idea it was such an innocuous event that led to this accident! Oh poor Baby Angel - didn't she break her finger in a car door a few years ago?? That girl's childhood treasures are going to be a series of old sawn-off casts signed by all her friends!!

XOXOXO I hope she is healing up well, and you are, too, after such a traumatic event.

MSO Rin said...

Your lovely little lambs are also fierce little wolves! I'm thinking about all of you and would send you some Skele-Gro to be administered by Madame Pomfrey if I could.