Monday, February 23, 2009

I Wonder What Mama Makes Best?

My family was the type that ate dinner together every single night. My brother and I would come home from school or athletic practice, do our homework and wait for Dad to get home from work. Mama would be slaving away in the kitchen to make something for dinner that would refuel us, would sustain us for the night, and would taste good. I am a very picky eater and I am allergic to some random things, but there were very few meals that my mother ever made that were not delicious. The things I usually did not like were the things my brother loved best (tuna casserole, anyone? ::gag::). I got lucky, I guess. I grew up with happily married parents who loved their kids more than anything and my mother can cook with the best of them. She grew up on a farm and as second oldest with lots of siblings, so she was honing her kitchen skills from early on.

Mama will tell you that what she cooks is nothing special and that none of her recipes require any fancy ingredients. Mama will also tell you that her favorite "spice" is a little bit of salt, she loves to use butter and that "anyone can make her recipes". And Mama would be dead wrong. I have spent years trying to perfect her recipes and re-create them in my own kitchen. While I may get close, nothing tastes as good as my Mama's home cooking. I think her secret ingredient is really love.

My Mama makes this dish that we call Hamburgers in Gravy. It is freaking unbelievable. The name of the dish describes it perfectly as it really is just hamburgers in gravy. However, pair this with some homemade noodles, some Indiana corn on the cob -- sorry, I have become distracted. Let me just say that this meal is amazing. I request it every time my parents come to visit me or every time I go back home to visit them. Every. single. time. I also always request salmon patties, fried potatoes, and brownies. Oh! And...okay, I could go on and on forever with this list of things my Mama makes best.

So I will just end by saying, DANG. My Mama can cook.


G Love said...

OK, (a) what is up with you and my husband dissing the tuna casserole?? Tuna, creamy garlic soup, noodles, peas, Italian spice, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese - WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?? You and Darlin can go hang out on an anti-tuna casserole island somewhere, and the rest of us will just be over here enjoying crispy spicy tuna goodness.
(b) my mom totally also made hamburger gravy. I used to hate it, but now I LOVE it. Hamburger. Mushrooms. Gravy. Mashed potatoes. DELISH.

Wicked M said...

Okay, tuna casserole is vomitous. Sorry, G. Cannot handle it. Your recipe is even a little different from my mom's and UGH. It's the tuna, I think. The smell of it alone can induce gagging on my part.

My mom's hamburgers in gravy are a little bit different than what you've described but I know what you are talking about! My grandma makes that and oooh it is tasty!

And mashed potatoes? ICK. Cannot handle the texture! See? Picky eater, right here!!

Mitzi said...

i had creamy tuna pasta today. how ironic.

super jane said...

i don't have anything to say. i'm only commenting because the verification word is 'noides' and it made me laugh, so i wanted an excuse to a) use it in a sentence and b) type it...twice!