Monday, February 16, 2009

I Wonder What Is In My Purse?

I'm thrilled to be Monday's hostess once again! Forgive me for the lightness of this topic, but I am lucky enough to be off of work today. So, I have given my brain a vacation. This topic, however, intrigues me. I hope it intrigues you as well.

So, my purse usually weighs about ten pounds. The purse I currently carry is a gorgeous black Coach bag that my husband generously gave me for Christmas. This gift was quite a surprise and I love carrying it. It has a ton of pockets so that I can stash all of my stuff!

In the first pocket you will find my wallet, pictures of family and friends, and a pen. I always have to have the pen with me otherwise I forget to write down my purchases. That makes balancing my check book a nightmare. So, for everyone's sanity, I carry the pen.

In the center pocket of my purse you will find a Vera Bradley makeup bag that I adore. It was a gift from my mother and it is in the cutest pattern -- Java Blue. This makeup bag is stuffed full of lipsticks, lip glosses, a mirror and my absolute beauty must-have of Bonne Bell Lip Smacker in Strawberry. The center pocket of my purse also holds my keys, my Blackberry for work and my personal Blackberry. There are also bills to be paid and my camera that I always have with me.

The last pocket of my purse holds Kleenex (hello, Old Lady!!) and a memo pad for notes, thoughts, and information. This pocket also carries my migraine meds. The migraine meds are a necessary evil, unfortunately. No matter what purse I am carrying, you will find those migraine meds. I have learned that lesson the hard way.

I guess you could call me well-prepared. Also, if you meet me in a dark alley and try to steal my shoes? I will beat you with my very heavy purse!

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