Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is There Any Wonder About Food?

I love the holidays for many reasons. The twinkling lights, the stillness after a snowfall, gifts under the tree, Rudolph, the magic in the air, and THE FOOD. This entry could be about 400 paragraphs long, but I will spare you. So, here is my short list of holiday favorites:
  1. The classic candy cane. Simple and delicious. I love adding canes to my hot chocolate too!
  2. Pizzelles. A lovely woman who used to work for my dad used to make these every Christmas and deliver a stack to our house. Those pizzelles were all mine because I would eat all of them before anyone else even had a chance to grab one out of my greedy little hands.
  3. Chex Mix. I realize Chex Mix can be made year round but I always remember my Mom making it most often during the holidays. Eating it right out of the oven makes it a great snack to warm up with after coming inside from the cold winter air.
  4. Chex Muddy Buddies. Oh my word. This dish alone could cause me to gain twenty pounds during the holiday season. Love it.
  5. Sugar cookies cut into fun shapes with that to-die for frosting. I used to work with a girl who made sugar cookies like I have never had before. They would literally melt in your mouth. I finally figured out that recipe last Christmas and my hips now tell that tale every day. The frosting is that delectable stuff that lingers on your tongue for merely a moment before melting away.
  6. Nuts. Remember the nuts that your grandmother used to keep in a bowl at her house? It had that special cracker? It was always out at holidays? Me too! Delish! I could sit by this bowl and nibble all day long.
  7. Gingerbread cookies. Cute and tasty! A favorite of Superman's and mine!
  8. Christmas Morning Breakfast. This could be any variation of food, but my favorite is my Mom's specialty of pancakes, bacon, blueberry muffins, cinnamon rolls, and coffee cake. The perfect way to spend time with your family while making my muffin top muffin-ier.
  9. Grandma's Noodles. Everyone's grandmother has a special dish she makes that everyone loves. My maternal grandmother's dish is homemade noodles. Made the old-fashioned way, they are perfection in a pan and I lust for them at least once a week.
  10. Champagne. Bubbly and sparkly! A perfect beverage to wash down any of my favorite holiday foods.
Like I said, this list is in no way comprehensive. I could have made a list muuuuuch longer. I mean, mulled wine! Cheese! Advent calendar chocolates! Tree-shaped Reese's! Pizza King on Christmas! Holiday-tinis! Stained Glass cookies! Holiday Margaritas!


super jane said...

i thought my grandma was the only one with a nut bowl and nut cracker! i used to pick out all of the almonds and keep them all for myself.

G Love said...

What is a pizelle? Am I the only idiot who doesn't know?

Is it something to do with pizza, because if it is then I just might have to have Pizza Hut for lunch today, in honor of the new fact I learned.

Wicked M said...

Pizzelles are Italian waffle cookies. Check it out on wiki. So tasty!

Alas, pizzelles are not pizza, but Pizza Hut sounds yummy so I vote for having that for lunch today anyway.