Thursday, September 25, 2008

sign me up!

i'll take a shopping spree just about anywhere! i'm not a huge fan of shopping, but mainly that's because i don't have a lot of extra cash to spend. i could, however, do quite a bit of damage on someone else's dime.

there is nothing in my house that i own. everything that we have falls into one of two categories 1) gifts or 2) hand-me-downs. in fact, every single piece of furniture in our house is a hand-me-down - everything from the couches to the dining room table to the bedroom dressers. literally, the only thing we've purchased on our own is the washer and dryer and that doesn't necessarily count as 'furniture' in my book. no lie.

it's not that i don't want new furniture, it's just that i can't afford it. i see fantastic living room sets that i would die for, but there is no way i can fit it into our budget right now. but...if i had a shopping spree to say, oh, pottery barn or williams sonoma or the like, every room throughout my entire house would have a brand new look.

i would not hold back one iota. i would gut my entire house and even spend a few of my own bucks to hire a decorator to do it all for me. i would buy the big stuff like couches and recliners and bedroom sets, but i would also buy the little stuff, like bathroom hand towels and new placemats. i would go hog wild!!!

i really need to stop now because just thinking about it makes my heart flutter with excitement! i need to snap back into reality, but oh what i wouldn't give to have this kind of shopping spree and finally have a home out of the pages of a catalog.

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G Love said...

Good one!

We're in pretty much the same boat, furniture wise. And let me just give a shout out to fellow WW MSO, whose hand me down bedside tables, desk, and dresser are still my bedroom furniture! WIthout you, Rin, my lamp and alarm clock would be on the floor.

I have bought some items of furniture, though - from antique stores. Let me tell you, you can get some nice things for very cheap. When we got married I received (lucky me!) tons of beautiful china and serving platters, and had nowhere to put them. Voila, a hundred bucks (paid out at 35 a month for 3 months to the very kind antiquers) bought me a very cute jam cupboard that I use as my china cabinet - it's old, has character, and didn't break our budget.

Yes. I am the salesgirl for antique stores. I should get a commission!